FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Do Welby print labels?

We will apply labels supplied by you but we do not print labels in-house at this time. We can supply you with a list of recommended label printers. Note: we have specific requirements for the supply of labels for application to products
Please read our guidelines before you order your labels.

How long is production / turnaround?

We aim to turn around orders as fast as possible, but many factors will influence the exact timescale including: size of production run, raw material availability, free issue supply of your labels / containers / packaging (if required). We will keep you informed throughout the process as to delivery dates.

Is there a minimum order?

There may be minimum order quantity required to fulfil your order. When you complete our online enquiry form we will send you our latest company brochure which will give you details of our standard product prices and minimum order quantities. If your product is not from our standard formulations we will discuss this with you - as raw materials may dictate the minimum order quantity.

I have a new idea for a product... but it is not a Welby standard product

Product development can be a lengthy and expensive process. We have found that a minimum spend of around £10,000 can be needed to develop, produce and test a product - before bringing it to the market. Our standard products have already gone through these processes, but making changes to their formulations may require external testing / verification. If your intention is to create a new brand and attempt to enter the beauty market, it would be advisable to start out with our tried and tested products- then develop the range to meet the needs of your exapnding customer base.

What types of bottles are available?

We keep a stock of standard bottles / containers in various sizes that have been proven to be suitable for our products. However, if you require a unique design or a non-standard bottle, we can give you details of good quality bottle manufacturers/suppliers. Each will have their own requirements (minimum order quantity etc...) and will offer bottles that will be suitable for your application.

Do the recent changes to the Cosmetic Safety Regulations apply to my products and my brand?

Yes they do. Please read our statement on the cosmetic safety regulations and how they affect you and your brand.

Do Welby offer a confidential manufacturing service?

Yes. We do not discuss or disclose the names, details or brands of our customers with anyone outwith your company. For that reason we do not welcome visitors to our manufacturing areas. All enquiries are dealt with in strict confidence. Likewise, we will not tell you who we currently manufacture for.

How do I get barcodes for my products?

Barcodes are allocated and supplied by GS1 - you can visit their website here

How does a fake tan work?

We get asked this a lot by new and existing customers. There are many different fake self-tan products on the market but the most effective lotions and sprays contain Dihydroxyacetone (DHA), a non-toxic, colourless sugar. The skin has two main layers: the epidermis on the outside and the dermis on the inside. DHA works by interacting with the proteins in the dead skin cells in the epidermis. The reaction results in a pigment called melanoidin, which makes your skin look brown. Even though your skin looks brown, it will not protect you from the Sun’s harmful UV rays - so don't forget to wear a sunscreen.

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