Technical Info

Supplying Self-Adhesive Labels

We have a number of labelling machines in-house.
Welby tanning skincare products labelling machine

These are our basic requirements:

  • Labels must be provided on rolls (maximum 1000 labels per roll)
  • Left edge leading
  • Outside wound
  • 60mm - 70 mm core
  • Wrap around labels must have a minimum 10mm gap at the back (see below)
  • Please speak to us before ordering your labels

Label recommendations:

  • Try to consider the enviroment your product will be stored in. Your product may spend a great deal of time in a moist warm enviroment such as a bathroom. Choose a quality material for your labels i.e. polypropylene or laminated.
  • If your bottle has a curve (neck and bottom) - do not take the label right to the edge, it will curl and tear.
  • If your label is a wrap-around (one label around entire circumference) - leave a gap of at least 10mm on the back as our machines need a gap to apply the labels. i.e. bottle circumference 120mm - label width max would be 110mm

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